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Intercultural Learning Center

Intercultural Learning Center

Language Programs

Learn a foreign language with ease at Intraespa Intercultural Learning Center. By immersing you in different cultures, we'll help you learn easily and more effectively. 


Whether you're an individual looking to improve your skills or are a foreign business needing to acclimate to the country, we'll make sure your goals are achieved!


Accurate Interpreting Solutions

Ensure your verbal message is communicated the right way with help from our certified interpreters. We offer both English to Spanish and Spanish to English interpretation.


Expert Document Translation Services

Any party that signs an important document needs to fully understand its contents regardless of the language in which it is written. Make sure they do with expert translation services provided by Intraespa Intercultural Learning Center.

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Business Expansion Services

Foreign Business Expansion Services

America is truly a land of opportunities. But if you are moving your company here and you don't speak the language, it can be a difficult transition. If you want to make sure your business is ready for the American culture and the opportunities that come with it, turn to Intraespa Intercultural Learning Center. 


Our local, family owned firm has been helping foreign, commercial clients since 1997!

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Memberships and Affiliations

  • Sarasota Chamber of Commerce 

  • Manatee Chamber of Commerce

  • Gulf Coast Latin Chamber

  • ATA

  • ATP

  • ATIF


Our Founder




Gerardo Ramirez Rodriguez is the founder and the owner of Intraespa. He has more than 30 years of experience in Translation, Interpretation, and Language Instruction (Tutoring) services in the business, legal, and personal development areas. 
His organization and highly trained professionals have been the official providers of all translating, interpreting, and educational services to the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida for 20 years.
He lectured on interpreting, offering workshops and training in legal and community interpreting; this along with his former careers provide him the personal experience and broad technical language skills to create a reliable reputation in the Language Instruction, Translating, and Interpreting fields.  Based on this extensive experienced Gerardo founds the Intercultural Learning Center that offers Language, and International Immersion Classes, as well as Intensive Learning Programs for personal, business, and travel enhancement. In his learning center, the language is learned without the rules of grammar and textbooks,
rather they make learning with the context of authentic cultural materials, applying the natural approach method and experiential learning to incorporate vocabulary and grammar with lessons that include art, history, cooking and contemporary issues of each country.
His extensive experience and expertise has given him the certainty that the critical tool for interaction with a foreign country is essentially the knowledge of their language but one cannot forget the significance of getting the necessary information to understand and cherish the traditions of the countries where they are spoken; this allows his pupils to
expand their culture effortlessly.

"The Easy Way is The Natural Way."

Why Choose Us

  • Offering language-related services since 1997

  • Certified by the Court Interpreter Certification Board for the State of Florida

  • Bonus on Referrals

  • Walk-ins welcome

Because it is time to improve your skills!

Unlock your opportunities and grow your business by learning Spanish.

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